WaldLing Outdoor Workshops

Look in the forest and find yourself!

Modernity brings many challenges that require change and adaptation processes. Family, working life, community and friends as well as the love life can be affected. It is then necessary to pause and weigh what is really important to us personally, what we really need and how we can reconcile what we want to achieve with our health and our fellow human beings.


Stress management strategies and burnout prevention are part of our everyday lives.
Our work is based on understanding people as part of nature. Nature surrounds  them and keeps them alive. She is magical, soulful, healing and alive. From the broad spectrum of traditional knowledge of indigenous cultures, we develop solution strategies for solving problems in everyday life and working life as well as promoting health and burnout prevention.



Prevent disease by restoring and maintaining natural balance.

Learning from nature and promoting solution-oriented thinking based on indigenous traditional knowledge.

We work with the pricipal of DIGITAL DETOX: Digital abstinence and abandonment of digital media or tools are the basis for prevention against media addiction, forced communication and reaction pressure.


WaldLing Experience Workshop -

Bullroarer and Digital Detox

Workshop activities at a glance

* Create and shape fire
Training to build fire pits and ignite a fire
with traditional and effective methods.
* Be with all senses - sensitization
Barefoot forest walk, "deceleration" in the forest and a dynamic stretching.


* Edible plants and trees along the way
Use wild plants:
What can we recognize? What is edible? And how does nature actually taste?
* Smoking with tree resins and herbs
Basic knowledge about the smoking of resins and herbs:
We will collect and use the resin of trees that we spot on site.
* Sweat like the Indians - Traditional sweat lodge
Construction and implementation of a natural steam sauna
after Indian model, with hot stones.


* Call the good spirits - Build your own bullroarer
Everyone will be carving and decorating their own bullroarer.

We are exited to meet you!