Orientation with map & compass

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If you are planning to stay longer in nature, it is worth considering getting to know the selected area in advance. As a rule, one uses map material, which of course is available today online. The use of map material "to touch" and the navigation in the field, without GPS and processor-based route calculation, is reserved only for die-hard adventurers in the most remote areas of our earth.


This is not correct!
The map made of paper, which can be effectively protected from weathering (usage) in a foil cover, offers several advantages:
  •  independence from fault-prone, power-driven equipment
  • GPS and internet are not necessary
  • valleys, rock faces, dense deciduous forest, external influences such as dust in the atmosphere do not disturb the navigation
  • training of a spatial understanding (orientation)
  • more mindful of natural conditions
  • too small display of the devices, complicates longer route planning

Admittedly, it is not easy to determine one's own location if you are exposed in an unknown area, blindfolded, and has only one map as an aid. However, this is most likely the rare case and only recommended to the professionals. Normally you should know in which area you are and from which direction you entered this. Now you can quickly and reliably find a desired route through the terrain by mastering the navigation with the map and the compass. Incidentally, this is also a good part of general knowledge and, in our opinion, should also be taken into account in school education.