Wild herbs & smoothies

The detection, collection and processing of wild herbs

In the course of the barefoot forest hike, we will deal with the correct identification and gathering of wild herbs. The use of these always available and extremely healthy plants has always been beneficial to humans. In an emergency situation, such as after an environmental catastrophe, this knowledge is still of paramount importance for survival. In earlier epochs of human history and long before the invention of the pharmaceutical industry and attempted demystification of nature, wild herbs were an integral part of our diet, the healing arts and everyday life.


The most effective and simplest form of incorporation of wild herbs into the diet is the preparation of smoothies. The advantage, of course, lies in breaking up and shredding the plant fibers, improving the body availability of ingredients (e.g., by adding various oils and concentrates), and increasing the variety of flavors by adding fruits, nuts, juices, and other products such as barley grass or moringa powder, flaxseed, wheat bran, stinging nettle seeds, ribwort seeds etc... Here are almost no limits depending on individual taste and knowledge. Although the bitterness and spicy ingredients of wild herbs are most conducive to our health, newcomers to the field sometimes have problems with this taste.

In the workshop, we will show you how to recognize and collect the most important wild herbs on your doorstep, as well as conjure delicious wild herb smoothies in your home. You will be thrilled once you realize how easy these genuine natural foods are to integrate into your life.

Holy Smoke - Herbs & Resins

The use of resins and herbs is as old as the history of man himself. Ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures used incense for rituals, ceremonies and everyday life. The production of these incense and mixtures is still a special art. The presence of divinities and essences (fragrance as an attribute of the divine) by natural substances counteract unpleasant odors and demonization. As everyday means, for cleaning, as a sacrifice or gift, and for communicating with the help and protection spirits, spiritual helpers, natural beauties and the natural forces themselves, many different resins and herbs are used worldwide. Hindus use incense in all temples and homes, while Buddhists use incense burns at festivals, ceremonies, initiations and daytime rituals. The Chinese use smoked resigns in honor of the ancestors and householders, and in Japan the Shinto call the Kami with incenses. The ancient Greeks smoked resins as sacrifices to protect them against misfortune and disease. In the Christian churches incense and myrrh are consumed during the ceremony. In the Aztecs and Mayas, the copal tree was classified as sacred. The resin played a very important part in celebrations and ceremonies. For indigenous people in South America, we find the use of resins and herbs as incense in various healing ceremonies.

In our workshop we will smoke various resins, herbs and mixtures according to the sewatlodge and the evening fires. We will introduce the medicinal plants and trees we use. The selection of resins and herbs is specifically adapted to our rituals and orientated to shamanic cultures and ancient traditions.


The resins as "the blood of the trees" or "the essence of the trees" smell indescribably well. It have the property of honey, sticky and transparent, golden or gold-white opaque to red and dark brown, the color palette of resins is very large. It can be a tough mass, a hard chunk or golden drops that give off their fragrance only when rubbed. The essential oils are still being used in medicine intensively.


The resins always have a holistic, soothing, pleasant, concentration-enhancing effect, as well as sharpening the senses for what is important. They bring power and grounding, give us inner security and connect us with our natural environment. They purify our soul and our mind and support our internal and external processes. They protect us and bring dreams and visions. Through the smoke that envelops us, we can strengthen our perception for nature.


You will get a lot of new knowledge here and gather new experiences that you can carry with you into your everyday life and your home. You will also get herbs and resins for personal cleaning, as well as helping you to reduce stress, improve peace and well-being, dispel unpleasant energies, and promote and maintain your health.