Come with us, live nature!

Here, in our home, we live deeply on and with earth. Our interest is, to nature, the home that carries us at every moment, with all its secrets, in love and attachment. Simply go out, experience IT, inner and outer nature, be given to the feeling of belonging and connectedness. Moments that make us aware and remember to be able to live in joy and freedom quite naturally and confidently. Our desire is to share this form of lifecycle with you and to experience nature together.

We invite you to go wild!

For our workshops we found a natural landscape. Approximately 60 km east of Berlin is the nature park Märkische Schweiz in eastern Brandenburg.


The entire natural park is a landscape conservation area and designated as a bird sanctuary. In the Natural Park 6 areas are designated as nature reserves, which extend 13 km around the Stobber. The landscape in the Märkische Schweiz has been strongly influenced by the glacier ice of different ice ages. In these unspoiled, overgrown forests and fields, there are numerous lakes, ponds, pools and floodplains, where a great variety of plant and animal life grows and thrives.