WaldLing Digital Detox - For Families

Here on earth we live in deep solidarity with nature, she carries us with love in every moment and all its secrets. We experience holistic moments in the middle of the forest: with trees, plants, animals and mushrooms, insects and with wind, sun, moon and stars. We are in the Being -  the HERE and NOW. With forest meditation and sensitization exercises during our barefoot hike, we will approach the forest mindfully. Together with our children, we discover the forest and expand our knowledge.


Our digital detox is the attempt to elude from the human technology and the cities - no digital technology and computers, no mobile phone use, no networking, no internet, no phone calls, no clocks, but natural darkness and one Woody background noise, in the middle of the Märkische Schweiz nature park. This Location is only about 1 hour east of Berlin, near the spa town of Buckow.


Disconnect from City to reconnect to Nature - We wean ourselves from the city and build a new connection to the forest.

Activities on Saturday & Sunday:

  1. The Magic of Fire - Basic Knowledge Fire - ignite and control a fire safetly
    (depending on forest fire level)
  2. Wilderness Walks - Discover edible wild herbs, mushrooms & trees and cook together
  3. Basic knowledge of  burning incense - collecting and burning treeresins and herbs
  4. Be with all your senses - "forest bathing" & forest meditation, deceleration & sensitization,
  5. Staying in nature - spend the night in the comfortable teepee tent
  6. After a joint breakfast and a feedback round, the Sunday can be designed individually . You can take part in the carving of the bullroarer:
  7. Sunday: Indigenous Music & Communication - carving bullroarer and calling good spirits (additional payment 50 €)

Equipment Information - What You May Need

Camping with a baby can be an interesting challenge and a new, wonderful experience that brings you and your baby closer together. It is of course possible to relax at our workshop. Our program is designed so that you can take care of your child at any time or you are taken along with your child in the activities.

  • Mosquito net and sunscreen for your stroller
  • Mosquito net tent for your baby
  • Sun towel (is placed on the mosquito tent)
  • Sling / carrying structure or off-road stroller
  • Changing pads and diapers (we provide small buckets of fresh water for cleaning baby backs)
  • Sleeping berth for the baby is your sleeping bag, children sleeping bag or stroller
  • Flashlight / headlamp
  • Tick tongs will be provided
  • We have anti-tick and anti-mosquito oil for you, but you are welcome to bring your own

Overnight and sanitary facilities

The tepee tents are suitable for about 4 to 5 people (small families). The tents are big enough to stand in it. Both stroller and the smaller mosquito tents fit into the tepee. Mosquito nets can be installed without difficulty. The tent floor is made of wood and can be swept. We offer numerous mattresses on site, but you are also welcome to bring your own. The tepee tents are not lit, so you need to bring your own flashlight or headlamp. Candles / tealights in the glass are also possible.

On the site, about 300 meters from the teepee campsite, there is a building with new and clean showers and toilet facilities, which are available to us! Access is possible day and night. There is also a meeting room in the building, which can be used
if necessary for emergency situations like unusually strong weather etc...

Arrival and transportation

If you arrive without a car, you will get detailed information about the train connections as well as the taxi service that will take you from Buckow to our campsite, in the last leg of your journey. Talk to us how you would like to arrive and we will help you with the journey (see registration form).